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2- Défense de la confidentialité dans les services sociaux et la santé (période de question (1)

Mardi 12 mai 2009 avait lieu la première conférence de presse de la Coalition pour la défense de la confidentialité dans les services sociaux et de santé. Cette vidéo correspond à la première tranche de questions que les journalistes ont posées aux représentants de la coalition. La conférence de presse avec les interventions des trois porte-paroles (Jacques Normand, Syndicat des professionnelles et professionnels du Centre Dollard-Cormier (CSQ); Maude Guindon de l'Association pour la défense des droits et l'inclusion des personnes qui consomment des drogues du Québec; Dominique Peschard, président de la Ligue des droits et liberté) est aussi disponible dans ma liste de vidéos [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Lying to the Kids About Santa

i'll be very curious to see how my kids handle this issue with their own offspring - which probably won't be for ten years or so... in my opinion, when mine were little, we took the illusion too far. one reason they bought into it for so long was the same thing happened at our house as happened at there mum's house, and at their cousin's houses. that, plus the whole "santa only visits children who believe in him" mantra, ensured they didn't ask the direct questions until much older than i would have imagined. when the truth was out, they were pissed off, more at my previous attempts to evade the question than anything else. in our case, it didn't seem to affect the overall trust between us, for which i'm grateful. i would always cousel against encouraging kids to believe Santa is a real person. we went too far. if you go even further (flying reindeer, north pole, factory of elves, visiting the whole planet in 24 hours, etc etc) i think perhaps that might increase the sense of disillusionment when they find out that Santa is not real. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Santa Skeptic

Yay for proper lighting! Here are the questions from today's Video: Q1) Did you ever REALLY believe in Santa? Q2) Would you celebrate Christmas with your kids? (For Atheists / Non-believers) Please leave a text or video response with your answers and maybe some questions of your own for me! All my videos (at least for some time) are going to be about growing up without religion and what it means to be a child in a non-religions household. Please feel free to ask me ANY QUESTIONS you have. The main purpose of this account is education and I am open to almost any personal or philosophical questions you may have. I will respond either in comments or in a video, if you're question is just that super awesome! I'll be making many more videos, so if you're interested in hearing more of what I have to say, please subscribe! [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Santa Supports A New 9/11 Investigation

Give the gift of life to a 9/11 first responder this christmas by supporting them at wearechange.org or fealgoodfoundation.com, these heroes are constantly neglected by our government. Santa also urges you to push for a new investigation, helping to solve many unanswered questions that the victims families (911) may still have. The commission report was habitually lied to, leading to a corrupt whitewash of an investigation. Robert Wanek (santa claus) ps this is the first street action ever, where EVERY SINGLE PERSON, I offered a flier to accepted one and read them immediately. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Light meets Santa

Light meets The almighty gift giver... Santa Claus! Oh what could Light want from him? --- Filmed by: Tori @ youtube channel BatBowTie (Go check her out!) We were at the National Christmas Center. It was such an epic day xD Edit: Wow guys, thanks for all the comments. To answer a few questions.... 1. No, Santa had no idea what was going on. 2. Santa just went with it (and Im glad he was such a good sport about it) 3. Yes this wasn't actually planned. We just went up to Santa and I asked him a random out of the blue question Kira would ask. 4.This was just a random spur of the moment thing, It's silly, and for fun. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Santa's Question for the Presidential Candidates

What policies and initiatives do the Presidential candidates propose to help the 2 million children in the US (1 out of 37) who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless and/or institutionalized annually? www.SantasLink.net [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Exactly 110 years ago, the New York Sun journalist Frank Church published an answer to a question from an eight year old girl: Is there a Santa Claus? Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful and successful new year. Credits: Original text: Frank Church, The Sun, 1897 Voice: David Ippolito, Do you remember Christmas, Just a Thought for Christmas, 1999 thatguitarman.com Video clips WinterMuse, johnnycli Montage: Mike Hellers, 24/dec/2007 You can find additional details in my Blog post: mikehellers.com [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Santa Claus on Global Warming

CNN/Youtube Republican debate question. Although Kris Kringle doesn't live in the US and therefor does not vote for it's president, being as he delivers millions of presents each year to the children across this country, it's only fair that he should be allowed to ask the presidential hopefuls one question. Written and Animated by David Essman voice by Harrison Pearl Hometown, St. Louis Missouri [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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A TFU Christmas message - is Santa Claus real?

It is indeed Christmas so I hope you're having a good time. At this time of year I am happy to answer that timeless question - is Santa Claus real? My shirts on RedBubble www.redbubble.com There's areally cheap shirt here that's still pretty good quality (and you can customise it!) www.zazzle.com And here are the CafePress shops: www.cafepress.com.au This is my BlogTV channel: www.blogtv.com Stalk me on Twitter! twitter.com Read my blog! angryaussie.wordpress.com Send me hate mail! GPO Box 3290 Melbourne 3001 Australia Call the angry phone 0424 05 69 65 in Australia +61 424 05 69 65 outside Australia [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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Atheists and the Santa Syndrome

Shock has a radio show in which he asks atheists who call a question. He brags that no atheist has been able to when in fact the question is openended which really requires explaination unless you boil down your answer to it's root. the question is "What proof or evidence can you provide that Atheism is accurate and correct?" The answer is (doubt) Doubt is the answer whether he wants to accept it or not. Now all atheists should call his show and give him the answer that he so desperately wants to hear. Repeat it as necessary until he understands. [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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En ligne le : 26/12/09 18:23
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